What People Are Saying About The Profile


This certainly makes you think about your game and what your priorities should be. The profile really helps you understand how to improve your mental game.

Brad Faxon
8 Time Winner On The PGA Tour

I am amazed at how accurate so many of the tendencies and improvement ideas are for me. It is hard to believe that the results can be so accurate from this brief survey. I really enjoyed reading my profile because it helped me analyze myself more clearly and really think about how to improve my tendencies.

Jonathan Byrd
Five-Time Winner of The PGA Tour

The participants at our golf schools have been very pleased with their profiles. Some have left our sessions and recommended the profiles to their friends. We have a strong relationship with Titleist and we're pleased to be able to offer the same profile to our students that The Titleist Performance Institute uses. We've been familiar with the DISC system for years, but never seen it applied at such a high level in golf terminology like it is with The Mental Golf Workshop profile. We believe this profile will help players of all levels reach their ‘54’…their full golfing potential.

Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott
Golf Digest Top 50 Instructors and co-authors of the best-seller, Every Shot Must Have A Purpose. Pia is Annika Sorenstam’s mental coach and Vision 54 is the philosophy that guides Annika’s career
Vision 54

The Mental Golf Profile really helps clarify what players need to work on. Once my students take the profile they are more open to my suggestions about improving their games. This helps me and my students to understand the preferred approach they should take for preparing for their round, practicing, taking lessons and playing the course. My students really benefit because their profiles include strategies for managing their strengths and improving in areas where weaknesses are identified. I always review the information together with the student to come up with a game plan for their improvement. The Mental Golf Profile has become a very important tool in my teaching program.

Cheryl Anderson
2006 National LPGA Teacher of the Year, Mike Bender Golf Academy, Lake Mary, Florida

The beauty of this system is that our players get an accurate and comprehensive report without having to spend hours completing laborious questions. You sure get a lot for the time and money you invest in this process.

Dr. Greg Rose
Titleist Performance Institute

“The profile is a great tool to help students with their mental game strategies. My students particularly like that their reports are written in golf terminology. Three days after I reviewed profiles with the first group of my students, two had their “career” rounds. I look forward to more teachers finding out about your profile when you speak at our upcoming Southwest PGA Teaching Summit.” -

Bill Forrest, Director of Instruction, Troon Country Club, 2006 PGA Teacher Of The Year

"The effectiveness of the MGW profile is reflected in its detailed, yet readable report. A combination of user friendliness and personalized, practical recommendations for the development of one’s mental game both on and off the course makes it an invaluable tool for any golfer." -

Christian Smith, M.A., IMG Mental Conditioning Division/David Leadbetter Golf Academy, Bradenton, FL

"I came across this website and found it very interesting and had to give it a try. When the profile was completed I was amazed at how accurate the information was about my game and how it provides you with ways to improve right away. I am so impressed with the report that I have recommended this program to all players in my Future Champions Golf Academy." -

Chris Smeal, PGA - Future Champions Golf Academy and Tournaments

“Bobby's Mental Workshop Profile is an outstanding tool for my Golf Academy. The accuracy of the profile is phenomenal. My students are learning to embrace their personality style and turn it into a strength. It provides a simple and inexpensive avenue for me to help my students transfer their skills from the lesson tee to tournament play.” -

Johnny Warren, Johnny Warren Golf Academy, Fairvue Plantation, Gallatin, TN.

“At the Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf, our students have the opportunity to focus on both technique and performance. Learning the fundamental mechanics of golf is only the beginning. The ability to transfer your skills to the playing field is the next step. In order to best do this, our students have found that taking the Mental Golf Workshop Profile helps them practice more efficiently, understand our lessons and communicate their needs to us, and more importantly helps them with their mental tendencies when they play. I have found that this information helps me become a better communicator to my students. My students become better golfers by knowing how they work inside their heads. This will be the best ten minute lesson you will ever receive!” -

Nancy Quarcelino, Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor, Golf For Women Magazine Top 50 Instructor, Director, Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf

“The Mental Golf Workshop Profile gives a very accurate representation of the student’s mental game tendencies. As a result students are educated about their mental tendencies and spend much less time and effort developing an effective relationship with the instructor. The profile provides the instructor and student with valuable information needed to improve overall performance.” -

Stan Sayers, Director of Instruction, Mike McGetrick Golf Academy

“The opportunity to use such an informative and golf-specific profile can only enhance the student-teacher relationship. Bobby Foster has developed a perfect vehicle for golf professionals to continue working with students in a coaching manner, which will open doors for more awareness and creativity in skill and play development. Thank you for sharing this unique coaching tool with us Bobby!” -

Nicole Weller, LPGA Teaching Professional, The Landings Club

"Golfer's using the profile gain valuable insight and the necessary tools they can use to improve the mental side of their games. I recently used the profiles with three touring pros who are students of mine last week and they all gained valuable insights. This tool will help any golfer who wants to improve." -

Tommy Masters, Teaching Professional, San Joaquin Country Club and Pebble Beach Golf Academy

"We profiled our entire team and it was amazing how accurate and helpful these profiles are. We won our first tournament, The 2005 Mercedes Championship, after we started using the profiles. I gave a talk at the college coaches convention and recommended the profile to all of the coaches." -

Puggy Blackmon, Former Men's Golf Coach, The University of South Carolina

"My profile came back with a lot of brutally honest information. I think you have done a tremendous job. I really didn't see anything I would change. I'm looking forward to applying the improvement ideas before, during and after the round." -

Dillard Pruitt, 2002 Sunnehanna Amateur Champion and 2002 Canadian Amateur Champion

"The Profile is not only useful as a tool to highlight the patterns in your decision making, but also, it can be used as a guide to enhance your true authentic style. When better judgment is often the margin of victory, the information in this Profile can sharpen your ability to think clearly in competition and profoundly improve your performance." -

Ron Gring, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher

“After taking the mental golf workshop profile I received a better understanding of my own golf game. I thought the results were incredibly accurate and it seemed as if someone personally interviewed me for them. This activity was possibly my favorite one we have done yet because I truly believe it will help my golf game. By completing this assignment I have realized my strengths and weaknesses in my game and will attempt to work on improving them. I appreciate the assignment and look forward to class on Monday.” -

Mitch Peterson, Colorado PGA Student

“Like many enthusiastic amateurs, I've invested a small fortune in lessons, books and training gadgets, nearly all of which focus on mechanical aspects of the swing. All the while, it never occurred to me that my fundamental golfing personality was affecting the quality of my play as much as--or more than--the mechanical variables. The Mental Golf Profile has been as eye-opening as any discovery I've made in my quest to improve.

George Dovel, Lynnwood, Washington

"As an instructor I am always trying to make sure my students understand what I am trying to teach them. The hard part is that every person responds and learns differently. Bobby's mental golf profile is an ingenious tool to help understand each person’s learning style as it pertains to golf. This makes it much easier for me to customize their instruction package." -

Sam McKenney, Director of Instruction, Athletico Golf Performance Center, Butterfield C.C.

“My students are extremely pleased with the profile. I think it is wonderful and I'm really pushing for all my students to take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the way they think. Since it is so self-explanatory, I'm finding most guys have an improvement plan brewing before I see them and some do not want me to review it with them. I go over the profile with them and offer some suggestions for improvement and answer any questions they may have regarding the profile.” -

Lisa Allee, LPGA Teaching Professional, The Peninsula Golf and Country Club

“We are doing a lot of interesting things with your profile. I really think it is brilliant and has really improved my coaching and my students’ games.” -

Fred Colgan, Fred Colgan Golf Academy, Quebec, Canada

“I’ve used DISC profiles in the workplace and with my golf students. I never thought I’d see a DISC profile in golf language like this one. What a resource this is for golfers and instructors.” -

Patti Butcher, Patti Butcher Golf Enterprises and Top 50 Teacher, Golf for Women Magazine

“Our clients like the profile because it is totally customized for them and covers really important areas of the game including their mental tendencies towards golf fitness. The profile is a tremendous resource for golfers, coaches and instructors.” -

Susan Hill, FitnessForGolf.com

“The participants for Insight Golf Schools were very impressed with the profile and it really made our school special to them...that's what we want!” -

Beverly Fergusson, LPGA

“My daughter took the profile through The AJGA. After a couple of minutes with the short questionnaire, she had a 24 page mental profile. I was impressed by how accurate the profile was. It was like Mr. Bobby Foster had been watching my daughter play golf for 10 years. I already see the difference in the approach she now takes on the golf course after working with the strategies her profile recommended. I can't thank you enough for the help you gave both of us. I would strongly recommend to the profile to juniors and their parents. You will be impressed with the accuracy of the profile, along with the new understanding of what your child is thinking and going through on the course. Thanking you again for all of your help.” -

Patrick Mooney - AJGA Parent

"I tested it with my assistants and students and it is amazing how accurate the profiles are. I usually interview my students before we work together and the profile really helps me and my students understand how best to work together." -

Kandi Comer, Director of Golf Operations, Glenmore Country Club

"Congratulations on the Mental Golf Profile. I have spent many hours researching this area and was delighted to find such a user friendly, cost effective system that provides the quality of feedback that the Mental Golf Workshop Profile does." -

Hugh Marr, FPGA, United Kingdom

"This profile is now the beginning-point for every student in our academy. Our students work together with their instructor, using the Mental Profile as an organized guide for goal-setting and improving focus and concentration. The profile is a road-map to better golf!" -

Joe Bosco, Co-Founder, Green To Tee Golf Academy, Winnetka, IL

"Our approach to developing a players mental game starts with a thorough understanding of their traits and characteristics. The Golf DISC profile is a fantastic tool that allows us to gain insight and maximize our coaching and training style for every Mental Edge Golf participant. We use it at the beginning of our training program and it is an invaluable tool for any player at any level. It's a great first step in getting the Mental Edge in your game!" -

Thom Kaz, Founder, Mental Edge Golf